I don’t want to see

I don't want to see

Yes, I smoke. I know, I know… Bad habit it is. But I do. But I’ll quit… one day.
Well after this statement maybe it wll be easier for you to understand why I had to tell you about “Smoke” Window Prop. First of all, it is made by ::WetCat:: which means best quality. Second… it gives you cigarettes. Cig for your mouth, left hand, right hand, both hands… Ok, slow down. I really had so much fun playing with it. Final effect you can see in the picture.
You can see also my hair – Kyel. Ok I must confess, this is my first ever hair from *Drot*, but when I saw it at TMD I knew it’s a must have. And I was right. It’s different. It’s great.
Just as great is Frahm tattoo by Bolson. I seriously think this is my favorite ink from Chewbacca. OK, one of my ten favorites inks from Chewbacca. Bad news, Men Only Monthly (where you could get it) is closed already before new round. So let’s just hope and pray it will be available at the mainstore.

hair: *Drot* -Kyel- for TMD
tattoo: *BolsonFrahm
prop: ::WetCat:: “Smoke” Window Prop


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