What does a man do if he needs to entertain himself a bit? He goes to the bar. I chose Mata Hari Bar created and owned by Keely and Luger Zane. Thick, classy and adult atmosphere makes you wanna stay there all night and have a drink or two. And these are not the only attractions there…
I couldn’t go there wearing a T-shirt and jeans, so I jumped in my new suit made by Kauna, available at FaMESHed. Sharp stuff! Hair I’m wearing is Deadwool’s Undercut hair, which I think is gonna be my all-time favorite. Pose I used for this pic comes from Grafica and it’s made for Men Only Monthly event. As you can see Alyx always maintains the high quality of his poses.

suit: Kauna – 2BN Suit: Black at FaMESHed
hair: Deadwool Undercut hair
pose: grafica ~ ofir for MOM
location: Mata Hari Bar


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