N21raggedy as f...

There was a time when I was young. There was a time when I was young and crazy. There was a time when I was a rocker. Hard rock, torn jeans, heavy boots… you know, stuff like that.
7mad;Ravens NickShorts made me think about those days. Made me… miss them. They are available at Men Only Monthly in wide pallette of colours, each color in classic (clean) and torn version. My favorite is called Raggedy AF. What AF means? Read the title of this post.
Heavy boots? Only Deadwool. At least for me. Ulrich boots available now at LOST & FOUND are Deadwool in all its best. And again, many colors to choose from. They rock!
New day, new haircut. Today it’s Kent from Speakeasy (in blonde!) and you can find them at LOST & FOUND too.
You already know Midnight Tattoo by Speakeasy. It’s cool, it’s awesome, Thorn likey…
Pose I used for this picture is from Del May. And it should be enough to say about it.

shorts: 7mad;Ravens  NickShorts Raggedy AF for MOM
hair: Speakeasy Kent hair for LOST & FOUND
tattoo: Speakeasy Midnight for N21
boots: [Deadwool] Ulrich boots for LOST & FOUND
pose: Del MayDesert stroll male
location: Black Milk Club


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