black friday

Alrighty, let’s start with Uber event. I knew what I wanted from there before I went there. And when I finally were able to get there… I got what I wanted.
First of all, United Colors Long fall coat… Ok ok, I got it from my sponsor but I’d buy it anyway. It is great (and there is a female version too!). Of course I had a problem choosing the color I’m gonna use for the picture. Oh well, wish it was my only problem…
Second. Vale Koer Chelsea boots. Same event, same problem. The color! Of course I finally made up my mind cause I had to have them! Yep, I’m a big fan of Vale Koer stuff. And I chose rolled up jeans (from sharp) so you could see the boots better. I know, so unusal for me.
Third. Grak glasses from Minimal. Absolutely must-have thing. At least for me, but I’m sure you gonna love them too. I do.
I am so spoiled by Speakeasy lately! All the hair I got, I change them like every day! Guess my feminine side woke up. This time I chose Kent hair, which you can get at Lost & Found event. Yeah. Blonde. As I feel blonde lately. That’s why I got Deadwool‘s Full beard in blonde version. Hey, Black Fridays 30% off sale! How could I miss it!
Pose I am using is grafica of course.

hair: Speakeasy Kent hair BLONDES for LOST & FOUND
beard: [Deadwool] Full beard – blonde (30% off for Black Friday)
coat: United Colors Long_fall_coat_man for Uber
pants: sharp by [ZD] KRESTEN RIPPED ROLLED UP JEANS do the laundry
glasses: MINIMAL – Grak Glasses for Uber
pose: grafica ~ ofir for MOM


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