evil ways close behind

Grow beards brothers! Beard doesn’t make you hot during summer. It makes you hot all year long. Beards are the new six pack. Grow a beard! But if you really can’t or don’t want to (can’t see any good reason though) at least go and get the new shirt 7mad;Ravens made for The Mix event. What can I say… I fell in love! Just like I fell in love with Deadwool‘s Full beard, was love at first sight.
The Dressing Room is back and every guy looking for good hair should go there as Speakeasy just released Tanner hair exclusively for this event. And as we talk about Speakeasy… I showed you Midnight tattoo for N21 already. That’s a must-have for every inks lover on the grid!
There’s a name for people without beards… Women.

shirt: 7mad;Ravens The Beard Tee for The Mix
tattoo: Speakeasy Midnight for N21
hair: Speakeasy Tanner for The Dressing Room
beard: Deadwool Full beard
location: Furillen


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